Webroot Network Security

With the rapid advances in internet and technologies, a whole new set of online threats have been uncovered. Manifesting in many forms, these invade your device and hamper its functioning while also putting user security at risk. Hence, apart from protecting your device from online viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious threats, you also need to safeguard your entire network. The DNS connection is a crucial aspect of online usage and because of its crucial position in the network, is highly vulnerable point to all kinds of cyber-attacks. Businesses and home based networks need to secure their networks, endpoints as well as users from online dangers that might come in through your DNS connection. This makes it important to protect the network itself. Webroot Secureanywhere DNS Protection offers an effective way to protect the DNS protocol you use and eliminate risks that come with uncontrolled web usage.

Webroot Security for Your Network Connection

With network connections becoming soft targets for hackers and malware, it is imperative to secure and protect your network connections against security threats. In this regard, the Webroot Intelligence Network is a powerful tool. Easy to set up in a few minutes, it protects not only your connection and network but also users using the network. You can access detailed reports on all potential threats that could have affected your network in the absence of DNS protection. Blocking threats a the domain level, reduce costs related to DNS infections, apply leading web classification, enabling policies by IP, etc. are some more features that offer complete protection to your network and guarantee online safety.

Technical Guidance for Network Protection

To seek technical help and support for network protection and other Webroot antivirus services, dial the toll free number and speak to a technician for complete information and guidance on network and DNS protection. You can also request a trial to start with and choose the service if you are happy with the results.

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