Webroot Mobile Security - Ultimate Mobile Security Solution for Tablets & Phones

Realizing that Android devices are particularly vulnerable to security threats, Webroot has launched its security services for Android, helping to keep your devices secure and safe from threats.

The offering - Webroot Mobile Security for Android cell phones and Webroot Tablet Security use the Webroot database to scan and check for URLs before the user clicks on them, and accordingly tells the user about the safety and credibility of that site with respect to your device's security. A standout feature of this solution is the ability to locate and track a lost device, and should the situation demand it, remove and delete all data from it remotely. It hence makes locating most devices easy and prevents your private information from falling in the wrong hands.

Webroot security work proactively to check and scan for threats by examining links and applications before they are installed on the device. This helps in identifying apps and links which are pesky and keeps the danger of phishing at bay.

Webroot Mobile Security for Android

Considered by many as the best security application for Android, Webroot ensured device safety and privacy for all types of android devices, be it smartphones or tablets. Available to download from the Google Play store, its basic version application is free.

Following are its features:

  • Antivirus Protection
  • Forms Shields for the device that Block Mobile Threats
  • Safe internet Browsing with Anti-phishing Protection
  • Lost Device Protection and tracking
  • Continuously Up-to-Date Against the Latest Threats
  • Light System Resources and No Interruptions
  • Gadget Wipe
  • Application Inspector
  • AV Test Award

Webroot Mobile Security for IOS

Generally considered pretty safe and secure, the iOS is, however, not totally immune to security threats. With new threats and viruses popping up each data, Webroot provides a security solution to iOS.

The most prominent feature of Webroot for iOS are:

  • Secure Web Browsing
  • Obnoxious Site Blocking
  • Safe Search Results
  • Selected Browsing
  • Explained Search Results
  • Shop and Bank Securely
  • Secret key Management

It is hence imperative that you secure your iOS device with Webroot ASAP. Once installed, it will ensure that your internet browsing is always safe, secure and your device is guarded against viruses and malware. All pesky a dangerous websites shall be displayed accordingly and the user alerted.

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