In this era of technology and digitisation, securing your private devices against potential threats is imperative. Be it computers, laptops or your smartphones, all of your devices must be secured from potential data or security breaches. A simple, popular and effective way of ensuring device safety is by using and investing in a good antivirus software. Amongst the most prominent available antiviruses in the market, www.webroot.com is the most effective and reliable antivirus software. A reliable American antivirus service provider, Webroot has a comprehensive range of safety solutions depending on your device's requirements. Be it your home PC, your laptop, workstation or your smartphone, Webroot covers them all with a wide range of solutions.

Given below are lists of symptoms for devices whose security has been compromised.

  • Hacking of sensitive information and files
  • Data Loss
  • Constant pop-ups
  • Slow system performance and constant freezing
  • Applications freeze or respond late
  • Device unable to detect wireless connections and printers
  • Hard disk crash
  • Auto-reboot of operating system, etc.

Should you find any of these symptoms on your device, waste no further time and secure your device with solutions from Webroot.com. The solutions provided by Webroot are:

  • Installation of antivirus directly from www.webroot.com/safe
  • Scan for and kill bugs and viruses
  • Updated Webroot security
  • Antivirus re-installation
  • Error fixation for antivirus
  • Periodic scans to check for potential and existing threats.
  • Configure Webroot according to system requirements
  • Customisable security settings as per safety requirements.
  • Troubleshooting for Webroot.
  • Fix Webroot firewall and network conflicts, blue/black screen death of PC, support or display problem
  • Sound issues with desktop or laptop
  • Configure appropriate wireless internet and cable connections on PCs, laptops and MACs.

Webroot Antivirus Installation Guide - Call the Experts at Toll Free Number

Easy to use and efficient at work, Webroot antivirus solutions are like an armour which constantly works to protect your device from viruses, malware, and other security threats. Downloading and installing Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus is easy.

Simply follow the mentioned steps:

    1. Start the installation by logging on to webroot.com/safe. You don't need a CD or DVD for it as Webroot products are available for download. A good, stable internet connection is however imperative.

    2. If you have a retail card, look at the backside for a product key. It's a 20 character alphanumeric code (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) that needs to entered to start your download.

    3. Install Webroot by using the product key and click the Submit button.

With the Webroot.com/Setup Product Key, you can complete the installation process all by yourself. However, should you face any issues with the download, here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  • If your download has failed, check your internet connection. Erratic internet is the main cause for download failure.
  • All existing antiviruses must be uninstalled from your system for Webroot to install.
  • Ensure that the latest updates are installed on your operating system so that it is compatible with the Webroot antivirus.
  • Call Toll Free number for any problem you face during the installation process.

Process to Install Webroot Antivirus on Different Devices

PC Installation:

Installing webroot on your PC and Laptop:

    1. To begin with, you must create a Webroot account. This is done at the Webroot SecureAnywhere portal and helps your mange all your devices from one place. Choose a username and password and you are ready to start.

    2. Click on the ‘Download Now’ button and save the download on your computer.

    3. Once the download completes, double click on the files to start the installation process of Safecomwebroot.com..

    4. You will be required to enter the unique keycode which is your product key.

    5. Wait for the installation to be completed.

MAC Installation:

Installating Webroot on Mac Desktop and Laptop

    1. Create a Webroot account to start. Download the SecureAnywhere installer on your Mac.

    2. Double click on the Webroot SecureAnywhere.app to access the installer.

    3. Next, drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon on to the Applications folder.

    4. Once saved it in this folder, double click on the icon to initiate the Webroot SecureAnywhere activation process.

    5. An activation window will show up where you shall be required to enter the product key. Once entered, click on “Activate”. The system prompt shall ask to permit Webroot SecureAnywhere to make changes to your system. Allow it to do so.

    6. Enter your Apple password and click on ‘OK’ to confirm and complete the installation process of webroot.com/safe.

Android Installation:

Installing Webroot for Android devices

    1. Create a Webroot account or login as a registered user on the Webroot SecureAnywhere Online Portal.

    2. Click on the download button to start your Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile download on your Android device.

    3. Once the app has been downloaded on your device, open it and login by using your Webroot account.

    4. If you have not created your account, you can first download and then register yourself as a user through the menu on the app.

    5. Click on the ‘Activate’ button to complete the installation process.

    6. Here you will be required to enter your Webroot product key. Once entered, click on ‘OK’. The product key- a unique alpha numeric code will be shared with you via email or can be found on the back of the www.webroot.com/safe anti-virus package that you bought.

Understanding how to get Webroot SecureWeb

    1. Your Android devices can now be secured by Webroot by downloading the Webroot Secureweb app available for download at the Google play store.

    2. Simply search for the Webroot SecureWeb and download the application that appears in the results.

    3. Once downloaded and installed, open the app to login using your Webroot account.

    4. You can now manage your devices and their safety from the app.

Apple® iOS™ Devices:

Installation help for iPad ®, iPhone ® or iPod ® Touch mobile digital device

    1. To start the install, create your account with the Webroot SecureAnywhere Online Portal. Download and install the SecureWeb app from the App store for the same.

    2. You will have to enter your Apple ID and password.

    3. Once done, the SecureWeb app will be installed on your device and an icon will be added on the home panel for the same.

    4. Tap this Webroot icon to re-open the app and access Password Management functions. Login again to make the necessary changes.

    5. Enter your SecureAnywhere username and password to login. This username and password is the same ID that you use on the Webroot SecureAnywhere Online Portal.

Comprehensive Care and Protection for Your Devices

Equipped with the latest safety and security features, Webroot safety solutions make sure that all your Apple devices and Android devices are safe, secure and immune to any hacks or breaches. It does so by encrypting your devices, controlling access and providing an audit trail for changes made to these file types. A host of Webroot services are available to make your device secure, which include:

  • Webroot.com/Safe antivirus installation and future uninstall.
  • Webroot Antivirus re-installation
  • Webroot Antivirus upgradation
  • Activate, upgrade as well as update webroot antivirus software
  • Customisable Webroot Setup antivirus settings as per user and system-specific requirements
  • Constantly scan the system and remove found virus, spyware and every other malware along with every other potential security threat that might compromise your device privacy and safety.
  • Fix, troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Webroot com Safe
  • Including installation
  • Customize Webroot antivirus settings to match your requirements with assistance from www.webroot.com/setup

Webroot/Safe Help for Home and Home Offices

With an exhaustive range of antivirus and safety solutions available, Webroot is no doubt a one-stop solution for all your concerns regarding your device's safety and privacy. Be it home PC's, Macs, tablets or smartphones, all your devices are covered by Webroot’s range of security solutions. Each solution is unique for the device and basic versions start at $29.99 depending upon the features and number of devices. Following are some of the offerings by Webroot:

  • Antivirus – Ideal for PCs and Macs, Webroot antivirus scans your device for threats at superfast speeds and protects from identity thefts. It doesn't bring along the hassle of time-consuming periodic updates unlike similar offerings. Priced at $29.99 for one year and one device, you can get it at www webroot com safe
  • Internet Security Plus – A great tool for all your devices; it protects all your sensitive data on the internet like ids, passwords, and other private info. Ideal for PCs, Macs, Tablets as well as Smartphones, it also brings along the antivirus features, It is available at $44.99 for a year for upto three devices.
  • Internet Security Complete – A must-have package for PCs, Macs, Tablets, Smartphones, not only does it work as a reliable antivirus software, but also removes your online browsing history and brings along a whopping 25GB storage free ! It is priced at $59.99 for a year and can be used across five devices. Creating a Webroot.com/Setup Account is imperative for customers to not only install Webroot, but to also monitor their devices security from one place.

This allows users to browse through the listed Webroot products, check their features, read customer reviews and opt for a customised protection plan as per their device requirements. Safeguarding your devices against grave dangers like phishing with a special anti-phishing defence. Installing Webroot products is easy and can be done directly from Webroot.com/setup. You can now be tension free about your kids browsing the internet as Webroot's services will automatically identify suspicious links and you can block certain sites too. Sensitive info like card details and other details are also safeguarded by Webroot's security solutions. Should you be unsatisfied, you can claim the 70-day, no questions asked money back guarantee if You can start with a FREE trial where you don’t have to pay, check it out and buy after you are 100% satisfied with the results! You can also read the blog to stay updated with latest as well as potential threats to protect yourself as well as your family from hackers, viruses and various malware.

Webroot Advantage for Businesses

Compared to home users, businesses need advanced security features to keep their data secure and private. Multilevel security layers are often employed to keep hackers and attackers at bay. Smarter cyber protection safeguards your employees and company data with hassle-free multi-vector protection for desktops, laptops, virtual machines, tablets and smartphones with www.webroot.com/safe. By providing multi-vector security solutions, the Webroot Channel Edge Program promises recurring revenue, increased profitability, sales support and enablement tools. The brand’s cloud-based Threat Intelligence Services help to protect your customers with new unanticipated sophisticated online dangers. Read on to know the advantages that your business can enjoy with these services. You can try out each of these with free trials and choose the one that best suits your requirements to keep cyber threats at bay and gain complete control of your business. With Webroot Safe Install, you can protect your computers and devices.

  • Endpoint Protection – Crucial for every business, endpoint protection ensures privacy and security for communication. Countless mails have malicious attachments to phishing sites that serve as thriving ground for hackers, viruses and other malware. Hence, securing your device with multi-vector protection helps safeguard every endpoint across various users and prevent online attacks of all kinds.
  • Channel Edge MSP Program – Designed to increase and improve the functioning efficiency of businesses, helps your business by providing resources, flexible billing and easy management of your business. This, apart from an unmatched safety solution.
  • Protection through Machine Learning – Keeping up with the times, Webroot products are now enabled for machine learning. An example of it is The Webroot Threat Intelligence platform- a cloud based feature that aids every business with accuracy, context organizations and vendors that need to protect themselves as well as their customers across all online activities.

Webroot.com/safe - 24*7 Technical Support

Users in USA and Canada you can call Toll Free number for complete help and support. The same can also be found at Webroot.com/Setup USA. You can dial this number anytime, 24*7 for support throughout the year. Skilled and professional technicians will securely access your PC over the internet and diagnose and fix every issue your computer is facing! All your worries and grievances will be resolved by skilled technicians via a remote login- approved by you. Here is how we work:

    1. Call us at our listed helpline number to get your queries resolved and problems solved by our skilled and highly trained technicians.

    2. Webroot anti-virus is installed by well trained technicians with remote access to your PC to safeguard it from malware and protect sensitive files. Automatic download will start with Webroot.com/Setup Download.

    3. After installation, our technicians will help activate your Webroot product and Post installation; technicians will help you provide Webroot Application Maintenance for existing users as well in addition to renewal and upgradation of various Webroot packages. New users can also subscribe for Webroot antivirus for the first time by simply asking our technicians to do so for them.

    4. Our technicians, via a remote login- approved by you, will scan your system for spyware and viruses and remove any threats found.

    5. A whole set of issues like antivirus compatibility and complexities with other current software that could be conflicting are also resolved with help from the technical team. Latest updates are checked as well and downloaded.

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